Our story: The brand was born due to the desire to be well dressed. Having a personal style, I wanted to have certain models of clothing that I could not find in the textile industry. It was from this moment that I started to create designs that I wore.

   Initially the brand had a name which was the nickname by which my entourage called me. Some people admired the designs I wore and expressed the desire to get them. It was at this moment that I was no longer the only one to wear my productions.

   Over the years, I have found that the designs I created are not really different from those produced by the competition.

   Inspired by my culture (Côte D’Ivoire, West Africa), I decided to promote this culture and it was at this moment that ZAOULI APPAREL was born.

   For the record, Zaouli is both a mask and a traditional dance of the Gouro people from Côte D’Ivoire. The mask was created in the 1950s in Zrabi Séhifla by Ouinnaila. The mask is said to have powers that increase productivity in the village in which it is practiced. On a purely artistic level, Zaouli is distinguished by the delicacy of the features of the mask, its elegance and its joviality; the beauty in the dance and its grace which make it a highly appreciated spectacle in public events.

   The choice of Zaouli is because it symbolizes for me beauty, elegance, joy and self-confidence which are the values ​​that I wish to be conveyed through the brand.

Our mission is: To introduce Zaouli Apparel to the world as the best African modern style and the spirit of his Cultural Heritage that represents beauty, elegance, joy, self-confidence and prosperity. Its purpose is to bring satisfaction and joy to whomever that get connected to the apparel.